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Nice to contact you!

This is Maggie from Shenzhen D-VITEC Industrial CO. Ltd, a well established Mini cameras manufacturer since 2002.Hope I reach the right person at the right time to talk about Mini cameras cooperation and strategies for your company.

I did a little bit research on your company and I'm sure you would be continuously looking at opportunities to expand your cameras market.We can fulfill any of your business needs and maximize your business profits compared with lots of Mini cameras manufacturers as we are members of USB and ATMIA.

Our business reference includes:
products certificated by USB-IF WHQL ROHS CE
approvals from NCR, Diebold Nixdorf
integrate Biometrics technology into Mini security cameras

Pls forward this email to purchase department, thanks.!

Best Regards,

Shenzhen D-Vitec Industrial Co., Ltd. |
Skype / Whatsapp : +86 15816883471
Tel.: +86-755 25588188 ext 847

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